Transcend Auto + P8 Battery Package


Weighing less than 500g, this device is perfect for those who want to travel and not have it effect their treatment. Includes Transcend Auto CPAP Machine and P8 Battery


Transcend Auto Travel CPAP + P8 Battery Package includes:

  • Transcend automatic pressure device
  • 3 years warranty
  • 240v power supply
  • Standard 22mm 1.8m tubing
  • Transcend software
  • P8 multi-night Battery
  • Mask is not included

The Transcend Auto device is light, portable and perfect for travel. The Transcend Auto is a full-featured CPAP machine that continuously monitors your breathing and adapts to your changing needs. It automatically adjusts pressure, and features comfort settings such as expiration relief and pressure ramp. The device has a simplistic design, is small enough to fit in your hands, and is simple to use. The filter is easy to access and the unit is designed to be able to pack up and go. Weighing less than 500g it is the perfect travel CPAP device.

This device is perfect for those who want to travel and not have it effect their treatment.


  • Automatic pressure algorithm for gentler pressure delivery
  • Automatic altitude and voltage conversion
  • Quiet operation – sound rating of 29dB
  • FFA approved for use on airlines
  • Compatible with any CPAP Mask
  • Compliance recording

The Transcend P8 battery is a very light, lithium ion multi-night battery pack designed to be used with Transcend brand travel CPAP machines.

Weighing in at just 900 grams and the size of a pack of playing cards, it is the perfect solution for patients who need to travel. It is FAA approved and can be used in-flight to ensure treatment while flying.

If you are using the machine at a pressure of 14cm H20, these batteries are capable of lasting up to 16 hours or two nights. You have two charging options, either through the mains power or via a car battery. When charging via a car a Mobile Power Adapter is required. The battery features coloured indicator lights – When the battery is plugged in to receive a charge, the light will turn 0range. This indicator will turn green after it is fully charged.

In areas prone to power disruption, the Transcend p8 battery pack can be attached to the machine first, then to the mains power. In the event of a power cut, the machine will automatically draw power from the battery, ensuring uninterrupted CPAP treatment throughout the night.

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Manufacturer’s guide is available on the Transcend website.