Transcend Humidifier Station


Transcend Humidifier Station for the Transcend Travel CPAP Machine.

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The Transcend Humidifier Station attaches to Transcend travel CPAP machines. It adds the comfort of warm, moist air to the air stream.

It features five adjustable heat settings and warm-up indicators in order to provide exceptional comfort. The humidification level is easily set using the dial on the front of the body. It offers a maximum humidification level of 80% when set to five. The humidifier can be set to zero to use it as a cool humidifier. It integrates seamlessly to Transcend travel CPAP machines.

The capacity is 325ml of water. Do not overfill. Manufacturer recommends room temperature distilled water. The Transcend Humidifier Station is dishwasher safe.

This product comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.