Travel CPAP Machines

If you’re looking for great value travel CPAP machines, you are in the right place!

These CPAP machines are designed for travel, so are simple and lightweight compared to full CPAP machines. Travel CPAP equipment allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle while continuing your CPAP treatment. Some units feature battery supply which, for example, would allow you to go camping while on CPAP treatment.

Most travel CPAP devices are available in fixed or automatic pressure settings. Travel CPAP devices can often be used with a CPAP battery or 12 vol battery.

We stock the most reputable CPAP brands available on the market. This ensures you are provided with the best quality treatment possible. Your CPAP Needs has less overheads than regular clinics, so our CPAP is more affordable for you. The brands we stock include: ResmedFisher & PaykelPhilips, and Transcend.

Please note: Some travel CPAP devices do not function with heated humidification. Some units cannot be powered by battery supply and require mains power.

Not sure where to start? Our friendly team are always happy to help! Contact us today for guidance to purchasing your CPAP equipment.

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