Oxygen concentrators
Oxygen Concentrators
It is currently nearly impossible to source new oxygen concentrators in Australia.
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However we have been able to source Devilbiss 525KS second hand units.
They have been fully serviced, with brand new Sieve beds and refurbished compressors.
These are the two fundamental components of an oxygen concentrator.
They will come with one year warranty
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The cost is $1495, with one year warranty.
We can also help you ship them to India using DHL. The average cost is $440
Please call us to find out more
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If you’re looking for great value oxygen machines, you are in the right place!

An oxygen concentrator is used to provide oxygen therapy to people who require oxygen in concentrations higher than those in ambient air. They are compact and mobile and some include a rechargeable battery to ensure you are able to maintain your active lifestyle.

We stock the most reputable oxygen machine brands available on the market. This ensures you are provided with the best quality treatment possible. Your CPAP Needs has less overheads than regular clinics, so our equipment is more affordable for you. The brands we stock include:  Philips and DeVilbiss.

Not sure where to start? Our friendly team are always happy to help! Contact us today for guidance to purchasing your oxygen machine.

Please note that any advice available across the Your CPAP Needs website does not replace the advice of your sleep physician and your doctor. The oxygen concentrators need to be set to a scripted pressure prescribed by your doctor.