Resmed Airsense 10 Climateline Heated Tube


Resmed Airsense 10 Climateline Heated Tube.

Purchase is for 1 x Airsense Climateline heated tube for the Airsense 10 device (and does not include device).

NOTE: This tube will only work with the Airsense 10 only.



Resmed Airsense 10 Climateline Heated Tube. Suitable for the Airsense 10 Auto, Airsense 10 Auto for Her and Airsense 10 Fixed devices only.

Breathe warmed air during your CPAP therapy with a Climateline heated tube. It is designed to maintain the temperature of the humidified air as it passes through the tube. The heated tube helps virtually eliminate rainout and delivers optimal temperature and humidity levels to the mask.


  • Set and forget – Because the temperature sensor is built into the mask end of the Climateline tube, the temperature remains at your preferred setting, regardless of fluctuations in the temperature and humidity in the room. The tube temperature can be set anywhere between 16 and 30°C.
  • Key technologies: New swivel connection for improved usability and the slim size of the Climateline tube offers flexibility, sleeping comfort and a reduced risk of getting caught up in your bedding.

Includes 1 x Airsense 10 Climateline Heated Tube only. CPAP machine is not included.