Standard Universal CPAP Tubing (15mm)


Standard 15mm non-heated tubing used by the majority of CPAP machines.


Our standard universal replacement tubing is compatible with the majority of CPAP machines.  This replacement CPAP tubing provides a continuous amount of air pressure from the CPAP machine to the mask.

The inner diameter of the tubing is 15mm with a length of 1.8 metres (6ft) and is compatible with all major full size CPAP machine brands and with many styles of CPAP mask. Lightweight and flexible, our crush-resistant standard universal tubing is suitable for CPAP machines both with or without a humidifier.

This is a non heated tubing.

For maintenance of your tubing we suggest cleaning it in warm soapy water weekly. Then rinse the tubing very well in clean water and allow it to air dry. For your maximum comfort and to maintain optimal hygiene, we recommended that your tubing be replaced every three months. Worn or damaged tubing can harbour bacteria or cause your CPAP machine to work ineffectively.  We also suggest keeping a spare length of tubing on hand as a back up as they are subject to constant wear due to everyday use.

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