Resmed Airsense 10 For Her Package with Mask and Extended Warranty




Resmed Airsense 10 For Her Package with mask and extended warranty

The Airsense 10 For Her Package bundles the Automatic machine with a mask of your choice plus 3 years extra warranty.


  • 1 x Resmed Airsense 10 for her auto device with heated tube humidifier
  • 1 x mask
  • Extended 3 years warranty (total 5 years).

The Resmed Airsense 10 For Her Autoset, is an automatic setting device featuring a heated tube humidifier, automatic ramp, automatic start/stop and automatic humidification adjustment (as well as manual humidifier adjustments). The Airsense 10 is lightweight, compact, easy to use and features a modern and sleek design.

The automatic pressure adjusts to ensure that pressure delivery is as you need and the automatic ramp lowers pressure for gentle delivery. The device also contains an automatic power function. If set, the device will automatically start once you start breathing through your mask, and stops when you take your mask off. The Airsense 10 takes the hassle out of treatment, and does the work for you.


  • Automatic pressure algorithm for gentler pressure delivery
    The automatic pressure algorithm automatically adjusts as the pressure is, and isn’t needed because it monitors your airway continually. This allows the pressure to be delivered as required, because of this the pressure delivered will be gentle.
  • Automatic ramp
    As your airway is monitored continuously by the machine. This means that the device will decrease the machine treatment pressure if it senses that you are waking up. It will do this automatically without you needing to manually activate the ramp.
  • Automatic start/stop
    The Airsense 10 features an automatic start and stop. This feature will turn the device on for you once you have the mask on, without the need to press any buttons, and will also turn the machine off once you take your mask off. This feature is useful for those that need to get up during the night, as you do not need to try and find buttons. It is also useful if you struggle to get in and out of your bed as you do not need to lean over to hit any buttons. Just put your mask on, and sleep well.
  • Heated humidifier and tubing
  • Data monitoring
    If you have access to a clinic, you can have your data monitored remotely.
  • Connectivity for treatment review on screen/on application
    You can view your treatment on the machine screen in the sleep report, therefore always be up to date with how your treatment is going.
  • Built in ambient light sensor

Additional purchases for the Airsense 10 For Her:

  • Back-up/travel battery
  • Filters
  • Standard tubing
  • Humidifier cover (to use without humidifier)
  • 12 Volt connection
  • Battery connection.