Sleepstyle Automatic CPAP Package


This CPAP package bundle includes everything you need to have a comfortable nights sleep at an affordable price.  The Automatic Sleepstyle will automatically adjust the pressure while you rest peacefully. You can select any mask available in the drop down menu from our range of full face, nasal and nasal pillow CPAP masks.



The Fisher and Paykel Sleepstyle Automatic CPAP Package Inclusions:

The Sleepstyle Automatic CPAP package bundle includes everything you need to have a comfortable nights sleep. In addition to an afforable price, as part of a bundled CPAP package, you can select any mask available. Select from the drop down menu from our range of full face, nasal and nasal pillow CPAP masks. If you don’t see a mask that suits contact us

The Sleepstyle Automatic CPAP package includes:

  • Automatic Sleepstyle Device

  • Heated Tubing

  • Any Available Mask

  • 2 Filters

  • Standard Tubing Adaptation



The automatic Sleepstyle is lightweight, compact and easy to use. In addition to a modern and sleek design with elegant gloss face, heated tube humidifier and automatic ramp.

The automatic pressure adjusts to ensure that pressure delivery is as you need. An automatic ramp lowers pressure for gentle pressure delivery. In addition to an automatic ramp, the Sleepstyle uses sensawake and thermosmart to promote a comfortable sleep.

Similarly, the menu is simple to use with easy navigation and one start and stop button. Featuring large button sizes and an easy access humidifier. The Sleepstyle Auto is packed full of comfort features that are easy to access, for instance;

  • Modem 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Sensawake 
  • Expiration relief 
  • Fisher & Paykels renowned thermosmart humidifier technology

The Sleepstyle Automatic CPAP

The Sleepstyle Automatic CPAP device automatically adjusts pressure delivery, in addition to comfort settings such as sensawake, expiration relief, thermosmart and heated tube humidification. Therefore, the Sleepstyle will work to keep you asleep without disruption. Featuring smart technology such as an inbuilt modem and bluetooth. In other words, this allows transmission of data to providers. Blue tooth transmits data to smart phone applications. This allows you to track and manage your treatment. Thermosmart humidification is essential to comfort. It adds humidity to the air, therefore decreases discomfort and dryness.

Read on below for more information;

Sleepstyle features include:

  • The automatic pressure setting on the Sleepstyle device will provide gentle and responsive pressure. Pressure will be delivered as needed.
  • An incorporated modem for connection to your service provider for remote monitoring. In addition, bluetooth transmits data to smart phone applications.
  • Seven easy to adjust humidifier settings with one button to increase or decrease the heat setting. Zero is off. Seven is the highest.
  • Easy to access and clean humidifier chamber with a simple clasp.
  • You can view your sleep data on the Sleepstyle screen with an easy to navigate display. In addition, send your data to your smart phone application using the built in blue tooth. Therefore always be up to date with how your treatment is going.
  • Sensawake automatic ramp technology constantly monitors your airway to reduce the pressure, therefore sensing if you may be waking because of high pressures. As your airway is monitored continually by the CPAP, the machine features an automatic ramp that will decrease the machine treatment pressure. It will do this automatically without you needing to manually activate the ramp.
  • Thermosmart humidifier technology delivered through heated tubing.
  • Expiration relief to provide relief by reducing the pressure delivered when you breathe out. Therefore, it is easier to breathe against the pressure.


We stock the most reputable CPAP brands available on the market. This ensures you are provided with the best quality treatment possible. Your CPAP Needs has less overheads than regular clinics, so our CPAP is more affordable for you. The brands we stock include: Resmed, Fisher & Paykel, Philips, and Transcend.