Philips Dreamstation Fixed NO humidifier (CPAP ONLY)


Included: Dreamstation fixed device with standard tubing (no humidifier, no mask).

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The DreamStation Continuous (CPAP) (NO HUMIDIFIER).

The Philips Dreamstation continuous positive airway pressure device is a fixed pressure device. Featuring a simple and elegant design. The Dreamstation is simple to use, elegant in design and features:

Fixed pressure algorithm for consistent pressure delivery

Bluetooth for connectivity to your CPAP provider and smartphone applications to view treatment data.

Comfort settings including mask type alterations and expiration relief.

Auto start and auto stop option.

Easy access filters.

Easy view treatment efficiency on colour screen.

Manual ramp comfort setting for pressure reduction and easy button view.

Included 5 years warranty.

Additional purchases such as: humidifier, filters, standard tubing, backup battery, 12 volt connection, battery connection, and modem connection for remote monitoring.