Dreamstation Fixed Mask Package


Includes: Dreamstation Fixed CPAP device (5 years warranty) with heated tube humidifier with mask and modem.



Philips Dreamstation Fixed Package contains:

  • Philips Dreamstation Fixed Machine
  • Any available mask
  • Standard tubing
  • Modem connection for remote monitoring
  • Extended warranty (5 years)

Sleep is a dream because the Philips Dreamstation fixed pressure device. The Dreamstation features a heated tube humidifier. Sleep in comfort because of the adjustable humidifier settings and heated tubing. The Dreamstation Fixed Mask Package is simple to use because of it’s elegant design. 

The Dreamstation fixed features:

  • Fixed pressure algorithm for consistent pressure delivery
  • Bluetooth for connectivity to your CPAP provider and smartphone applications to view treatment data.
  • Comfort settings including mask type alterations and expiration relief.
  • Adjustable humidifier settings (5 setting options and adaptive or fixed technology)
  • A auto heat option.
  • Treatment is easy because of the auto start and auto stop option.
  • Easy access humidifier, and easy to clean humidifier chamber and filters.
  • Easy view treatment efficiency because of a clear colour screen.
  • Manual ramp comfort setting for pressure reduction and easy button view.
  • Included 5 years warranty.
  • And the Dreamstation features a detachable humidifier if not using in Summer or while travelling.

Additional purchases for the Dreamstation Fixed Package:


If you’re looking for cheap CPAP packages, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll have a comfortable nights sleep because the Dreamstation Automatic CPAP package bundle includes everything you need. And all for an affordable price.  In addition to a bundled CPAP package, select any mask available in the drop down menu. So select a mask from our range of full face, nasal and nasal pillow CPAP masks.

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