Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP Package – No Humidifier


Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP Package contains:

Humidifier not included.



The Philips DreamStation Auto CPAP Package includes the Dreamstation automatic device, which automatically alters the pressure to meet your needs on a nightly basis. This package also includes a mask of your choice from those available in the drop down menu above.

The Dreamstation features a low profile and sleek, stylish design. It utilises a front-facing colour display that shows you information such as pressure levels, mask leaks and apnea levels. On waking you will find the previous night’s sleep data on the display.

This machine offers various ways to communicate The Dream Mapper application comes ready to use, which allows the information from the machine to be uploaded to a phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth or wi-fi.  With data easily available it encourage users to play an active part in managing their sleep better. A SD card is included for additional storage, which can hold up to 7 days data.

This product also comes with C Flex and C+ flex technology, which help to prevent discomfort due to having to exhale against the pressure. The C Flex + enables the patient to inhale and exhale easily, while the C Flex works to ease the discomfort from exhaling. The SmartRamp feature helps in regulating the pressure to ensure that the patient sleeps comfortably throughout the night. This technology allows the patient to fall asleep on low pressure, and will only increase the pressure should the patient experience obstruction or snoring during the night.

This machine is able to run off 110 – 240 v which makes it compatible with all overseas countries power requirements.

The Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP Package contains:
  • Philips Dreamstation Automatic Machine
  • Any available mask from the drop down menu above
  • Standard tubing
  • 1 x Reusable filter
  • 1 x disposable ultra-fine filter
  • SD card
  • Power pack
  • Carry bag
  • Manual
  • Extended manufacturer’s warranty (5 years)

Humidifier is not included. To purchase this package with the humidifier, please click here.

Information and videos explaining quick set up and cleaning of your Dreamstation CPAP machine are available on the Philips website.

Additional accessories available include:

Disposable Filters
Standard tubing
Backup battery
Modem connection for remote monitoring