Fisher & Paykel Brevida Diffuser Filter (1 Pack)


The Brevida is simple, lightweight and easy to use. This purchase is for the diffuser filter only (no frame, cushion, mask tube or headgear). 


The Brevida diffuser filter clips over the elbow of the Brevida Nasal Pillows mask and is designed to reduce the noise and airflow being emitted from the device.

They should be cleaned and dried once a week to clear out airborne contaminants. With proper maintenance they should only need to be replaced once every 6 – 12 months.

The Brevida mask is simple, lightweight and easy to use. 

Featuring a renowned diffuser filter to quieten the expiration port and reduce air draft. As well as innovations such as AirPillow™ Seal: an in and around the nose pillow design that uses CPAP pressure to inflate and distribute pressure gently to form a gentle and effective seal allowing for a frameless fit.

VisiBlue™ highlights that provide visual cues to assist in cleaning and fitting of the mask. This mask has a two point adjustable headgear and four parts: Frame with tube, headgear, cushion and diffuser filter.

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This purchase is for the Brevida diffuser filter only (no frame, cushion, mask tube or headgear).