Automatic CPAP Machines

If you’re looking for great value automatic CPAP machines, you are in the right place!

An automatic CPAP machine delivers air pressure at a variable rate depending on your individual needs. The device monitors your airway continually to alter the pressure as required.

Automatic CPAP devices vary pressures minute by minute. Due to this they will change continually with you, for example as your sleeping position changes, or in the event of weight loss or gain.

We stock the most reputable CPAP brands available on the market. This ensures you are provided with the best quality treatment possible. Your CPAP Needs has less overheads than regular clinics, so our CPAP is more affordable for you. The brands we stock include ResmedFisher & PaykelPhilips, and Transcend.

Browse through our many automatic CPAPfixed CPAP and travel CPAP options. You can bundle your CPAP machine with a mask of your choice by purchasing one of our packages. If you don’t find what you require, please contact us for a custom package tailored to your individual CPAP needs.

Not sure where to start? Our friendly team are always happy to help! Contact us today for guidance to purchasing your CPAP equipment.

Please note that any advice available across the Your CPAP Needs website does not replace the advice of your sleep physician and your doctor.

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