Which is the best brand of CPAP?

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Which is the best brand of CPAP? Which CPAP is best? There is no “best” when it comes to CPAP brands. Your CPAP Needs only supply brands that are well known in the industry. Each CPAP machine has different features. Your CPAP Needs suggests that you read item description closely to find the device that suits you best. Each brand … Read More

What is Sleep Apnoea?

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What is Sleep Apnoea? What is sleep apnoea? (Also known as sleep apnea) Sleep apnoea, known as sleep apnea, is a sleep disorder where the airway closes, causing pauses in breathing. The airway may collapse completely, or breathing may be shallow and each pause can last seconds, or minutes. Sleep apnoea can also cause snoring, choking, snorting and other sounds. … Read More

Automatic CPAP versus Fixed CPAP

Automatic CPAP versus Fixed CPAP What is CPAP (and what does CPAP stand for?) CPAP, otherwise known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is continual pressure delivered through a CPAP mask. CPAP treatment uses pressurised air delivered through a mask to maintain the airway and stop it from collapsing. This post will explain the difference between automatic CPAP and fixed CPAP. … Read More